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Hot Stones Massage


Massage: Services

Indian Head Massage | 30 mins | £30

Improves the blood flow to the head and neck this massage releases negative energy to relieve muscular stiffness, headaches and eye strain.

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage | 90 mins | £80

This complete face and body treatment help to sweep away tension making you feel revived yet totally relaxed. Includes body brushing.

Hot Stone Massage
Full body | 60 mins | £50
Full body, face and scalp | 90 mins | £60
Back, neck and shoulders | 30 mins | £30

Experience the harmony of traditional massage techniques with warm volcanic stones to relax the body at its deepest level.

Deep Tissue Massage
Full body | 60 mins | £50
Back, neck and shoulders | 30 mins | £30

Aimed to relieve stress and tension. The perfect solution to today's stressful life style.

Sports Massage
Full body | 60 mins | £50
Specific areas or back and neck | 30 mins | £30

A more intensive deep reaching massage, with audio sonic if required.

Aromatherapy Massage
Full body, including scalp | 75 mins | £55
Back, neck, shoulders and scalp | 45 mins | £43

This is more than just a massage with only the finest organic essential oils. It combines the power of essential oil blends with a specialized massage drawn from the traditions of both east and west.

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